Lead Management &

The application designed to help pool and spa dealers track qualified sales leads and help turn them into paying customers. It is the tool that will finally allow your business to centralize, manage and automate follow-up of all the leads that come through your door, that come from referrals, and that will be coming from your powerful new website.

Often qualified leads fall through the cracks and are easily forgotten as more activities and tasks pile up on us in your daily routines which results in a loss of sales. The Pipeline will ensure that you have effectively managed ever lead to drastically increase the potential of conversion and increased company revenues.

to Convert

Dozens of feature sets will ensure your qualified leads are not getting lost in the shuffle!

  • Lead Gateway - Only qualified leads get through to be assigned to a pipeline
  • Unlimited Pipelines - Anyone, regardless of sales or service that deals with customers can be assigned their own lead management dashboard
  • Customize sales cycle stages
  • Easy move leads from New Lead status right through the cycle to sale closed
  • Storyboard leads with notes, attachments, and sales opportunity details
  • Send auto sales email notifications on timed intervals to leads
  • Build templated email responses
  • Email leads directly through the software
  • Use the built in quoting system that can attach a quote to a lead profile and send it via email
  • Archive leads to a later date
  • Reassign leads
  • Auto assign leads to pipelines based on lead type as they come in

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