A.R.M Customer
Relationship Manager

Relax, let it do the work!
It's like having an extra person to keep in touch with your customers continuously. It automates all the sales follow-ups that you know you should be doing but never have the time to do. Scheduled and personalized customer service follow-ups, product and service promotions and maintenance notices sent by your virtual sales person that never misses an opportunity to drive more sales or to inform customers!

in touch!

Don't forget about your existing customers! Keeping lead retention and loyalty is just as important as getting new customers so that you can keep them coming back.

  • Build customized campaigns for different customer types such as Inground, Aboveground, Hot Tub or Swim Spa customers
  • Create unlimited email items within each campaign type
  • Schedule each campaign item to be sent at the frequency you wish.
  • Easily setup client profiles and attach them to a specific email campaign
  • View each client’s email schedule and exactly what it will look like before it sends
  • Easily alter the sending date of a email campaign item for a specific customer
  • Customize email campaign items to address customers by name and what they purchased.
  • Block campaign sends on certain months such as pools in the winter
  • Build campaigns to be pre or post sales (drip vs ARM)
  • Have it sent automatically or have it previewed before each email is sent

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