A lightweight, cloud based
Point of Sale system

Designed to work seamlessly with all the other components of Insite Suite, insitePOS removes the need to manage both an in-store and online world and combines them into one. Transactions, payments and customer accounts either retail or service are setup the same, whether done by your staff in-store or by your customers online.

Automate transactions within insitePOS when customers book service or by product from your website.

insitePOS contains a built in service scheduler allowing you to manage the schedules of all your techs and teams.

insitePOS interacts with the Service Master Pro module to provide a mobile interface for your techs on the road.

Manage Inventory

No more managing multiple sources of product details, pricing, stock levels and sales transactions. Completely unified and totally automated.

- comprehensive inventory management
- bulk product imports and updates
- multi-store ready (up to 5 locations)
- integrated vendor purchase ordering
- automated stock level vendor PO generation
- purchase receivables module
- effectively manage customer waiting lists
- stock transfers
- integrated with our ACDC technology

Sales & Customer

- cash register
- mobile cash registers - via any tablet!
- returns, refunds and store credit features
- client accounts & customer management
- invoicing
- quoting
- contract pricing module
- seamless in-store and online selling
- club points and club card loyalty program
- gift cards
- self checkout

Gotta Love
the Extras!

- setup unlimited vendors
- map products to vendors
- built in return merchandise authorization
- multiple types of reporting
- secure remote access from anywhere
- easy spreadsheet exports for QuickBooks

In-Store Self

- customers shop & checkout with their phone
- simple QR code scanning
- web based app launched from your website
- instantly uploads transasction to the insitePOS
- takes payment on credit card
- displays a leave pass for proof of payment

No more

It doesn't matter whether your using a desktop computer at the service counter, up in the office on a mobile laptop or walking around the store with a tablet. You can checkout a customer, look up inventory, find transactions, modify customer accounts, create PO's and so much more from anywhere you want. As a cloud based POS, you can even work from home and still have control of the entire business. No more clunky servers to buy and manage, no more headaches of outdated hardware or needing to buy licenses for multiple users!

Looking for a Local Server Desktop POS solution?
We also offer Insite Suite integration with RB Point of Sales Solutions

RB & Insite Suite Full Integration Demo Video

Video Index
- API Intro (0:00 to 1:02)
- Product Syncing (1:03 to 8:06)
- Inventory Syncing (8:07 to 11:56)
- Ecommerce Orders (11:57 to 18:40)
- Gift Cards (18:41 to 25:02)
- Online Service Booking Admin Setup (25:03 to 31:12)
- Online Service Bookings (31:13 to 42:45)
- Online Service Booking API Add-ons (42:46 to 48:54)
- Pipeline Quoting (48:55 to 53:27)
- Customer Syncing (53:28 to 59:12)
- Customer Order Histories (59:13 to 1:03:03)
- Automated Marketing Profiling (1:03:04 to 1:07:52)
- New RB Dashboard within EPP (1:07:53 to 1:13:49)
- Wrap up (1:13:50 to 1:14:40)