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Facts on Fusion!
April 21/2015

If there is one common frustration that all “good” ColdFusion developers have, that is defending its place in the web development world. I hear it all the time, “ColdFusion is dying, ColdFusion is slow, ColdFusion is inferior and ColdFusion is expensive”, blah blah blah. As a very experienced ColdFusion developer and someone who is a huge supporter and fan, I give this advice to other ColdFusion enthusiast and future ColdFusion Developers….“Stop defending it”.  Don’t waste your time on uneducated statements, misinformed opinions and obvious lack of experience?  If you stop and think about from where these comments are coming, you will see that 9 out of 10 times the source of the comments are coming from:

  1. A member of a development firm that has no one on staff with a strong knowledge of “modern” ColdFusion.

  2. A “X” ColdFusion developer that stopped using it back in the days of ColdFusion when it was still primarily only a tag based language like HTML meaning they have zero understanding of what ColdFusion is today.

  3. A completely non-factual article or blog post  where the author has no credibility. For example that hair brain article from Computer World that said ColdFusion was one of the 10 dying languages. In the article she listed the languages that were kicking CF’s butt and one was Java… If you knew anything about ColdFusion you will see the irony in that. What does she think the underlying engine of ColdFusion is made of?  She probably got her info from either point 1 or 2 above.

The Real Facts for ColdFusion New Comers.

MYTH ColdFusion is slow
FACT - not at all. Bad code is slow! But that goes for any language. Matter of fact we have written some pretty intense scripts and seen even faster run time in ColdFusion than other popular web scripting languages.  Numerous high-traffic sites use ColdFusion and each new CF version is improved.

How ColdFusion works!
When ColdFusion pages are run for the first time, they are compiled into Java bytecode stored on the ColdFusion Server as binary files. Once the ColdFusion code is compiled into bytecode, your server can interpret the instructions of your program much faster, since it's in a language it already understands. Many current Web languages are interpreted at runtime, which means that they're processed and compiled each time they're run. Typically, the difference between bytecode and interpreted code on a Web page is milliseconds to seconds. Yet, these differences can add up quickly in a Web application with high traffic, and could easily mean the difference between a happy customer and an unsatisfied customer. 

MYTH  ColdFusion is dying
FACT – Nonsense. This is the longest death I have ever heard of. I started hearing that in 2005, 10 years ago, and guess what? The creators of modern day ColdFusion “Adobe”, are still actively enhancing and working on the next version of ColdFusion 12 as I write.  That’s right… I said Adobe, one of the largest software companies in the world have publicly posted a ColdFusion roadmap that shows extended support for CF right up to a minimum of 2022.  They have also gone on record stating that ColdFusion is a profitable and a growing part of their business. Adobe reports ColdFusion 10 brought sales and positive feedback to the highest point since 2008. A blog post from someone at Adobe stated that they had real numbers that nearly 2000 new companies in 2013 had adapted ColdFusion into their companies.  It is still too early to tell if ColdFusion 11 will bring even more success. The ColdFusion community and the companies building the CFML engines are continuing to grow and support the language. According to W3Techs - World Wide Web Technology Surveys, ColdFusion was listed 4th most popular server-side programming languages of in Q1 of 2015 trailing behind PHP, and Java. ColdFusion celebrates 20 years this year and still going strong. I am hoping to attend the CF summit this year in Las Vegas.

MYTH  - ColdFusion is Inferior
FACT – This statement could have had a small shade of truth once upon a time back in the days of versions 4 and 5 before ColdFusion became a language that could be written object orientated, before the days of extensive cfscript abilities, and before the era of a very large built in ColdFusion function library that has existed since ColdFusion v10. But in the last few years, not a chance that it is inferior! I have yet to write another web programming language as lean (eliminating waste), as quick to write and as efficient as ColdFusion and I can write several. I have yet to experience something that I just cannot do with ColdFusion that I can do with PHP, ASP or any other web based language. Modern day ColdFusion is very powerful, robust and scalable and because it is made by Adobe it seamlessly integrates much easier with other Adobe Web Technologies including PDF, Flex, Flash, Edge, Phone Gap and Media Server. 

MYTH  There are no open source options for ColdFusion.
FACT - There are Open Source servers available in the form of Railo, Open Blue Dragon and Lucee. Adobe also gives the developer edition of CF Server for free, and there are free licenses available for education/students as well. 

MYTH  –  ColdFusion  is expensive.
FACT - As far as being expensive, it is true that there is an upfront cost of the ColdFusion server staring at around $1400, however, when taking into consideration the speed of writing code and application deployment time, it can be easily shown that you make all that money back in less then a month of programming. Essentially that means that ColdFusion is more expensive in the first month or two, but becomes much less expensive afterwards than most alternatives.  As an experiment I wrote out a very small application that included some email processing, a file upload utility, some queries and output, generally just some basic stuff. I wrote the same application in PHP, ASP and ColdFusion and then I printed out all the code for each version. I then showed the 3 samples of code to clients (whom knew nothing about programming and didn’t know which was which) and asked them which one they would like me to charge them $110 per hour to write. 100% of the time, ColdFusion was chosen. Need I say more!


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